Jovana Lipovac Art

Biography: Jovana Lipovac, an artist from Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Born in Kotor, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities on the Adriatic coast. From early childhood, Jovana knew that the world of colors and brushes was where she belonged. Even while she sketched her favorite Disney characters and transformed the walls of the family dining room into little galleries, it became clear that her passion for art would only grow.

Throughout her schooling, her notebooks were often filled with drawings, and her peers recognized her talent, frequently involving her in school projects. One part of her was occupied by the sea waves, having finished a maritime school and a college for tourism and hotel management. Yet, another part was deeply immersed in the world of art and creation. For 4 years, she simultaneously balanced her college and her art career.

Without formal artistic education, Jovana became a self-taught artist. Her passion for learning through observation and independent exploration led her to masters like Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Salvador Dali. They became silent mentors who shaped her style.

Acrylic paints adorn her canvases, but her artistic appetite knows no bounds. Oil paints, sculpture, drawing, crafts… anything creative and anything that contributes to the creation of new worlds on canvas.

Her art is not limited to just classic scenes. Her canvas brings emotions to life, and dreamy worlds, and often reflects a deep love for nature and fantasy. Her works frequently resonate with echoes of memories, tales from everyday life, and profound emotional experiences.

In addition to painting, Jovana writes a blog for artists and all art enthusiasts. The blog caters to those who wish to learn how to paint, as well as those who love to regularly enrich their souls with new information from the world of art.

Through collaborations with numerous institutions and local businesses, such as the Herceg Novi tourist organization and many cafes and restaurants, Jovana Lipovac Art has managed to establish herself as a recognizable painter in her region. With every new painting, she aims to touch the hearts of those who view her work, evoking emotions, memories, and inspiration.

She is currently dedicated to painting the figure of the Witch King of Angmar from “The Lord of the Rings”, but be prepared to soon see more fantastic worlds and paintings inspired by favorite video games.

Jovana is a storyteller, an awakener of emotions, and an artistic soul. In every brushstroke of hers, you’ll feel a piece of her and a piece of the world she sees.


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