This artwork is an original, high quality 100% hand-painted oil artwork on canvas. It will look beautiful as office decor, cafe decor, home decor, in any lobby or building, or even in the bedroom, living room, or as children’s room decor.

Article details:

* Hand-made oil technique on canvas.

* Style: modern, contemporary.

* Delivery time: You will receive the case in about 7- 20 days (depending on where you live)

* Material: Professional oil paint, canvas, varnish.

* Size: 30cm x 30cm

* Price:245 €


* Painted by Jovana Lipovac.

* Signed on the front.

* Hand-made artwork.

* Protected with a semi-gloss varnish.

100% satisfaction: Your satisfaction is very important to me and I wish to work with you to resolve any issues.


Please contact me if you would like a custom a piece created for you by the commission.

For other questions please consult me or send me an email.

In Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” the story of Aragorn and Arwen is both touching and symbolic, bridging the human and elvish worlds through their love. Aragorn, known as Strider in the wilds, and the rightful heir to the lost throne of Gondor, learns of his destiny as the king who will restore his kingdom. Arwen, the elven princess of Rivendell, is the daughter of Elrond, bearing the great beauty and wisdom of her race.

Their love begins quietly during Aragorn’s youth when he is taken under Elrond’s guardianship. At their first meeting, Arwen is returning from Lothlórien, and Aragorn falls in love with her immediately, though he is too young at the time to comprehend the complexities of their future relationship. Arwen chooses to share her fate with Aragorn, opting for a mortal life to be with him, which entails great sacrifices but also profound commitment.

Tolkien describes their love as echoing that of Beren and Lúthien, characters from his earlier works, emphasizing the eternal theme of love overcoming all barriers, even death. Through Aragorn and Arwen, the idea of renewal and healing is portrayed, not just for individuals but for the entire land over which they will rule. Their wedding in Minas Tirith symbolizes unification and rejuvenation, offering new hope for the future of Middle-earth.

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The painting will be shipped out within 2 workdays after the payment is made.


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